“I’m not digital” project.

April 11, 2015 | 0 Comments | Bez kategorii

“I’m not digital” is an attempt to combine different realities in one installation. The first one is “real” – rooted in our hand skills and in material knowledge. The process of creating ceramic objects is very far away from instant digital creations in virtual world. Time of waiting, predicting, planning is very crucial for ceramic works, to make them in the right way and equal to the concept. This is the environment that lacks spontaneous, impulsive movements and the way to achieve final result is very long lasting. The world of ceramic on the other hand gives us the connection with history and tradition, with craftsmanship and attention to every detail because of the specific of ceramic techniques which are layered and complex. That is what makes the ceramic very noble and sophisticated art craft. The second reality is virtual – a world where oceans of informations clash rapidly in every second counted by digital clocks, where everything comes from just one encoded source. Text, graphic, sound, movement are encoded with zeros and ones at their essentials. The nature of this virtuality is mathematical and can be bended, can be broken but it’s very predictable and can be controlled. It’s not about the process and the basic construction – it’s all about the instant information and every emotion behind it. The access to so many in almost instant moment may be overwhelming but for some it may be pleasant and fun. There comes the creativity which is ruled by it’s own rights and it’s free of any physical obstacles and it’s not govern by any particular aesthetics or moral principles…

We will write more about the meritoric thoughts behind this project along his development. Below you’ll find some concept visuals for the exhibition installation.



Ceramic figurines – objects.






Gallery exposition visualisation.



Screenshots from video as a part of the project.

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