Gary Baseman in Cracow!

October 17, 2014 | 0 Comments | Bez kategorii

American artist Gary Baseman visited Kraków!

It was a blast! Our artist hero Gary Baseman visited Kraków for the second time and we couldn’t waste that kind of opportunity to finally meet him. It turned out that Gary is shooting documentary about his own historical journey to his parents homeland Ukraine.

“Mythical Creatures” is the title of the movie and it will feature Gary working with people and various artists to assemble a wide image of history background behind his art. The journey is very important and emotional – it takes a lot of effort and energy. Visiting such places as Auschwitz Birkenau demands respect but at the same time a lot of focus and precise creation that should reveal the truth about World War II… We can’t wait to see the final result – it’s going to be amazing and thoughtful for sure…

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