Woods in progress

January 2, 2014 | 0 Comments | Entertainment, Inspiration

Woods in progress.

Woods is our first ongoing installation project which we want to exhibit in art spaces. This idea was born couple years ago inspired by the great forests of Karkonosze mountains in Poland. The title Woods is simple, because we wanted to reach out to many different people and because we think that there’s so many things behind it that it’s endless with interpretations. Anyone should interpret this piece in his own way to find a history behind. For us Woods is a manifestation of the human aspect of the wild nature. Nature is very distant for us humans and yet so close like a maternal womb. We wanted to show an imaginary side of the forest that particular elements such as trees and branches seems to be a human like creatures with their children and friends. They seem to say that they know us and they are also important in this world.


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This installation is very complex and it’s taking a lot of time to assemble especially that it’s being made of ceramic. Luckily particular elements of this project can be shown individually as a side projects so we will keep you posted about what’s going on in this matter.

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