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Ceramic World

Ceramic World

Our world of ceramics is slightly different than You might expect. It is a world made with our imagination and childhood memories, full of fun, love and surprises. We like to think of it as a secret dimension available for those who are connected with their “inside child”, ready to explore and always curious.

The Process!

As we’ve mentioned above: our ceramic world is made with our imagination and childhood memories which constantly supply us with inspiration. Of course everything can be inspiring: nature, urban life, graphics, animals, people etc. All those things are important for us, but the clue of our style is hidden inside of us. We always try to filter every inspiration through ourselves, do the research and brainstorms:)

Once we come up with the concept, we start to draw some sketches of it. Sometimes very raw and sometimes exact forms. This part is really important because we can predict many issues and mistakes at the level of the concept before modeling.

After modeling we start casting which is crucial for the ceramic process. Some simple items can be casted from 2-part molds, others need even a dozen of them. All depends of the complexity of the model.

Drying is sometimes the longest part of the whole process, because ceramic clay must be super dry before firing. Any moisture left over can destroy the whole piece. Large items must be left to dry even for couple of weeks…

Bisque and glaze firing.

The last part of the whole process is firing. This is the part where nothing is certain for 100%, but with many experience you can predict the results to some point.

Bisque is the dry mass of ceramic clay that needs to be fixed by firing in the kiln. After that you get strong and firmed as a rock bisque body ready for glazing.

Glazing it’s like an alchemy – with the advantage of chemistry, but to achive precise and original glaze is almost never ending process. Of course you can settle with ready made glazes that come in liquids or powders ready to use, but with certain color range and effects. Each glaze has it’s temperature of firing and properties. It takes a while to get to know them.

That’s about it!

Thank you for taking a time to read about our creative process – now having that in mind you can go through our PROJECTS with widen perspective :)